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No goal without ambition. Without compass, no direction. Without action, no achievement.
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Kenneth Smit

We make sure everyone heads in the same direction, we set goals, we share knowledge and we hand you the right tools.

For over 30 years Kenneth Smit as market leader helps employees and organisations find their way to success through practical and tailor made training solutions. For years and years our experts have been combining their business and client experiences with the best didactical methods and we immediately put participants to work.

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How do we proceed?

We offer a unique custom-made approach which goes beyond just theoretical classes. We do not stop when a certificate has been obtained, we will coach you to success in 3 phases.

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"Through knowledge, patience and enthusiasm help each individual at their own level."

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Do you also want to learn what the frontrunners do differently?

Our research shows that a small group of frontrunners are responding well to B2B sales trends....

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Skills for getting the B2B sales team of the future right

Skills for getting the B2B sales team of the future right

B2B sales teams that invest heavily in content, software and right...

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Barriers to B2B sales

Barriers to B2B sales

The fact that quite a few B2B sales teams will face a lot of obstacles in the coming years...

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Laurence J. Peter's right

Laurence J. Peter's right

The book "The Peter Principle", by author Raymond Hull from ...

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Download the benchmark report 'Sales of the Future

With the national benchmark Sales of the Future we investigated how leading companies can remain successful in the rapidly changing world of B2B sales. What new competencies must the sales team possess? And what approach and tools are needed to optimally support sales?

Main conclusions from the report:

  • Who wants to be ready for the future as a sales organization must invest in content, digital skills and smart tooling.
  • Leaders in modern sales are able to build a warm relationship with prospects in all phases of the buyer journey, including the awareness and orientation phase.