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Why Kenneth Smit

For over 30 years, Kenneth Smit, as market leader, provides training for valuable employees who help to achieve business goals. We do this, among other things, with practical and commercial training courses that bond and attract our participants, leading to a successful career, and which contribute to the trading results of our customers.

We focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations and individuals so that the result of these parties can grow and the right choices can be made on the basis of continuity and interconnection. To work on this growth, change is needed. Kenneth Smit supervises these change processes, both at individual and group level, thereby creating success for all parties.

Training at Kenneth Smit therefore requires courage and self-confidence. Expectations are high. For our participants who can be proud of their daring to confront themselves; for our clients, managers and human resource professionals who dare to invest in a better trading results.


Approach focused on results!

In our training, both in-company and open form, we work with a group size of up to eight people. This personal, intensive approach has an unmistakable impact on the individual participant and on the group. So, learning from one’s own and each other’s mistakes.

Before a good employee becomes an excellent employee, learnt patterns will have to be torn down. This takes place by means of result-directed work forms including behavioural analyses, workshops and roll plays. Theory is imperative, the correct transformation into practice essential!

At the end of a training module, Kenneth Smit goes further. Have the objectives been realized? What is the next step? Is professional coaching available in the company? Is follow-up training required?

Our Team

sven van hulst
Sven van Hulst

Commercial Director
Niels Ricken
Commercial Director
Martin van den Goorbergh

Hanny van der Straaten
Executive Secretary
Hanny van der Straten

anja int ven
Office Management
Anja in 't Ven

patricia berenos
Purchasing, Planning courses
Patricia Bérénos

Receptionist / Telephonist
Zinzi Vermeer

Executive Secretary
Wendela Vennik

nanette burm
Nanette Burm
Marketing Professional
Marly Hikspoors

emre sen
Emre Sen