The best compliments that are made about the effectiveness of our services can be found in the experiences that our customers have built. All these positive experiences have contributed to the certifications obtained of which we are justly proud of.


Cedeo has existed since 1980 and is an initiative of HR managers from the largest companies and institutions in The Netherlands, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The immediate reason for the creation at the time was the critical lack of understanding of the quality and range of corporate training. To be eligible for the Cedeo recognition, a training organization must meet both qualitative and quantitative criteria. Thus, at least 80% of the clients must be ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with the service, the co-operation and the results achieved.

The CEDEO research has shown that we have a 8.4 score for our Open Training and a 9.2 for our tailor-made training courses. A result to be proud of!

NBA accreditering (NOvAA/NIVRA)

The Dutch professional association of accountants (NBA), the merged organization in which NIVRA and NOvAA have joined forces, is the organization established by law that is charged, among other things, with the promotion of good professional practice of its members: chartered accountants and accounts-administration consultants.

Kenneth Smit has in the meantime been accredited by NBA for awarding PE points to accountants who have followed our training courses. Do you want to know more about how our training courses are translated to the PE points? Please contact us.


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