Boost Your Sales

Your daily serving of sales vitamines

If you want to make a difference in a world that is subject to change every day, sales staff should get skills taught in a different way in combination with a piece of awareness of the actions that need to be taken. Boost your Sales has been developed for this purpose. In addition to the basic skills and 21st century skills, this training will consistently work with 6 short half-day skill injections (Boost sessions) per year. Participants will be able to use  the correctly learned techniques in everyday practice many times  faster. This results in faster opportunities during the sales process to score assignments.


During the Kick-off session and during the half-day Boost sessions, the following topics are discussed:

  • Know where you are Part I and II
  • Objection techniques
  • Questioning techniques
  • Customer types
  • Requirement and problem analysis
  • Giving the right presentations
  • Convincing

– how to deal with discount; objective: closing while retaining margin!
– how to deal with offers; objectives: preventing delay / cancellation and achieving higher conversion.
– how to sell ROI better; objective: selling added value.
– how to deal with influencers in a process; objective: map the right DMU.


A 2-day Kick-off session followed by 6 Boost sessions a year ensure that the daily practice of the seller is regularly evaluated. This allows further training on the specific sub-topics by means of role-playing, workshops and digital content, and the entire sales cycle is continuously scanned. Throughout the year, the employee is adjusted in this way in relation to the results to be realized in practice, resulting in a very high level of effectiveness and a clear connection between performance in practice and performance in training.

Which KPI have you determined for next year?

Practical information

  • The training consists of a 2-day Kick-off session followed by 6 Boost sessions with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • In-company
  • Minimum 6, maximum 8 per group
  • Intermediate Vocational Education / Higher Vocational Education and higher. This training requires no participation to (a) previous training.