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I am Ernst de Vink, Sales & Marketing Manager at Spring Professional.

In order to achieve our ambition of 40% growth in 1 year, we have consciously invested in commercial skills training for our account managers. Trainer Erik van den Akker of Kenneth Smit has therefore given the necessary training to our entire sales team. In addition, the trainings Erik provides have become a permanent part of our "Sales Academy" for Young Professionals.

I saw that all participants immediately benefited from the training sessions. They feel better equipped, have more baggage to achieve results, dare more, are more decisive, and more confident in their actions. This led to an increase in the quality of customer conversations. This increase in quality has definitely made an important contribution to achieving our growth ambition.

The people in my team are particularly positive about the practical sales skills they learn during the training sessions of Kenneth Smit. What they learn on these days, they can immediately apply the next day! Partly because Erik in his examples and role plays directly connects to our business, and is inspired by practical situations that our people experience in their daily practice.
Erik van den Akker has an excellent eye for individual qualities and responds flawlessly to the development potential of the participants in his trainings. The pace in his training is high and the participants are challenged.
Erik succeeds time and time again in getting the participants to learn a lot and to let them come to their own insights. It is nice to see that he gets very high ratings from the participants.

I definitely see our cooperation as a partnership. I base this on the fact that Erik is also focused on continuously increasing the return on our collaboration.

Ernst de Vink
Manager Sales & Marketing

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  • Who wants to be ready for the future as a sales organization must invest in content, digital skills and smart tooling.
  • Leaders in modern sales are able to build a warm relationship with prospects in all phases of the buyer journey, including the awareness and orientation phase.