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A first acquaintance with Kenneth Smit was in the autumn of 2013 where Koen van Gorp, during the introductory interview, knew exactly where we, as sales people of VPK Packaging bv, needed support.

Meanwhile, over the past three years we have had many colleagues from sales, both outside and inside, trained at Kenneth Smit and this process will continue in 2017.

A big advantage of the method of this 'expert in sales' training is that the training programme is tailor-made; we train on our actual corrugated packaging which we sell on a daily basis. Pragmatic, communication skills, conversation structures, customer and customer desire recognition are clear pillars that are taken into account within this program.

VPK Packaging has received very enthusiastic reactions from the participating colleagues and this training course has definitely led to improved sales processes and results.

In the context of 'hard on content, soft on people', the training is experienced as strenuous but motivating throughout the session. In a playful way, using role-plays in front of the camera, accompanied by practical examples, all aspects of the sales process will be gone through.

The trained subjects can be used directly in practice which results in continuous motivation to take the next step in 'Becoming Great' !

On behalf of VPK Packaging Management:
Sander Geboers & Henk Eilander

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With the national benchmark Sales of the Future we investigated how leading companies can remain successful in the rapidly changing world of B2B sales. What new competencies must the sales team possess? And what approach and tools are needed to optimally support sales?

Main conclusions from the report:

  • Who wants to be ready for the future as a sales organization must invest in content, digital skills and smart tooling.
  • Leaders in modern sales are able to build a warm relationship with prospects in all phases of the buyer journey, including the awareness and orientation phase.