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Since 3 years we use the outstanding business improvement activities of Erik van den Akker (Kenneth Smit), in the form of business workshops and coaching.

With Erik’s knowledge, his expertise gained from years of analyzing our industry, and his good preparation before the workshops, Erik educated my staff about best practices, organizational changes and development of new strategies.

He did an excellent job to help me and my international Management Team to execute our daily tasks more effectively.

Frankly, it is is not an easy task to get a diverse management team together on the same page. We learned that Erik can do this, in a constructive and respectful way, where we also had fun. We have now become a better team, with great business results as a result.

If you are looking for a consulting agency to help you effect some changes that will have a positive impact on your company, I believe Erik van den Akker (Kenneth Smit) can make a difference to your company.

Jay Shen,
General Manager, Mystar Computer BV, MSI

jay shen