• 1 day.
  • Incompany / Open training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • MBO/HBO level.
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Effective Credit Management

Enforce timely payment while maintaining customer relationship


Enforce timely payment while maintaining customer relationship

When payment of an invoice is delayed, it can be difficult to determine how to deal with this. Nevertheless, debtor management is an important and inevitable part of any business. Do you want to enforce payments in an effective way and at the same time maintain a pleasant customer relation? During this training you will be introduced to Kenneth Smit's effective nine step plan. Not only formulas and agreements are discussed. The focus is on a smart and friendly customer approach. Afterwards you will be optimally equipped to positively and effectively ensure that invoices are paid quickly and that customers continue to enjoy working with you.

The training for professionals who want to structurally improve the payment behaviour of customers.   


Desired result

You will:

  • That the invoices in your organization are paid on time!
  • A method to structure and direct debtor management!
  • Have a more confident debtor management conversation!
  • Maintain a good relationship with your customer or even improve it!

This practice-oriented training course will definitely help you to become more successful in debtor management.



During this training the following topics are covered:

  • Reaching your goals
    How do you convince customers to pay within the payment term?
  • Making agreements
    How do you make concrete agreements about what will be paid when and how do you make payment arrangements?
  • The 9-step plan
    How do you enforce payment and at the same time maintain a pleasant relationship with the customer?
  • Communication
    How do you communicate in a customer-focused way without losing sight of your own goals?
  • The debtor management interview

    • How do you best prepare for a difficult (telephone) conversation?
    • How do you use the start of an appointment to achieve your end goal?
    • What are the ten most common excuses for not paying an invoice (on time), and how do you respond to them?
    • How do you respond in a positive way to objections, complaints, reproaches and other negative feedback?
    • How do you end a conversation on a positive note, so that your client has a good feeling about it and agreements have been made about payment of the invoice?


Time period

This training consists of 1 intensive training day.


Minimum 4, maximum 8 participants.


Upon successful completion of the training, the participant will receive proof of participation in the form of a certificate.

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