Communication Training

He who communicates well, creates new opportunities.

Good communication opens doors and creates opportunities. This applies to maintaining relationships and suppliers, where good communication is essential. Communication training improves the quality of communicating and is indispensable for groups such as the internal sales force, technical department and purchasing department, but also for individual employees such as telephonists, receptionists and secretaries.

Communicative and Social Skills

During the Communicative and Social Skills training course you learn how to raise barriers within personal communication and to encourage open communication on the basis of a personal analysis.

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Communicative Skills for Technical Employees

For a long time now, it is known that a good technical education is not sufficient to perform well as a technical employee in a facilitating company. Good communication with your customers is essential.

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Professional Purchasing

Purchasers have a strategic function in an organisation and make a significant contribution to its competitive position. The training course is geared to every-day practice and teaches purchasers the essential skills they require in the field of internal and external communication.

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Opportunities and threats go hand in hand during a performance in public. It is better to be thoroughly prepared in a confrontation with journalists who are constantly looking for sensational news.

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Telephone Skills

Friendly and clear, respectful and service-minded: every customer deserves such an approach. Customer friendliness is the key during the Telephone Skills training course.

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Dealing Professionally with Complaints

Maximum customer satisfaction, this is what the three-day Professionally Dealing with Complaints training course is about.

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Credit control

It is important to get the invoice paid as soon as possible after conclusion of an order. You learn to make agreements about what and when payment takes place, and how you can react to objections and find out what the debtor really wants.

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Internal Communication

Successfully co-operating or managing your department depends on good internal communication. You learn how to raise barriers in personal communication and to encourage open communication on the basis of a personal analysis.

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Professional Teambuilding

Participants are challenged through varied and difficult tasks, that are aimed at personal, group and professional goals. Group members become aware of their personal qualities and those of other team members.

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