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Bert Geerts

Business Improver

After various commercial and management positions, I have been a trainer/coach for several years now. I like no-nonsense, a practical approach and passion.


Success comes from dealing with failures and setbacks without losing your enthusiasm (pronouncement: Churchill).


I am well able to work with various groups of people on various levels and situations to achieve success. My enthusiasm and practical approach is contagious.

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I'm leaving

I'm leaving

I'm sure you're familiar with the "I'm leaving" program. This rating gun has been a well watched hit by the AVROTROS on NPO 1 for years and in which the Dutch are followed during their adventure abroad. This spring there was a new v...

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I can do it, because I've never done it!

I can do it, because I've never done it!

Still, even after 50 years, the adventures of Pippi Langko...

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