Have you heard of the Seven Jump?

Henri van het Erve 04-11-2020

We're (again) in some kind of lockdown. Less to others, more time for close-up. I'm in my office, multiple screens in front of me, camera pointed at me. Ready for virtual sessions. How different than together with your participants in a room, interactive, seeing, feeling, doing. The digital working day is over and then comes the inevitable pastime at home: cleaning up a long-delayed closet. And there I saw a notebook from my daughter, group 4. Already 14 years ago I thought with a pitying smile on my face. What struck me was the drawing about a song she learned at school. Have you heard of the seven leap? In the drawing seven steps were drawn, not in a straight line but organically staggered. And at the end the apotheosis: she can dance!

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Thinking back to this beautiful time in our lives, fine memories prevailed. In stark contrast to what we are experiencing now. As a starting student at university lectures and workgroups only online. Mandatory social distance to fellow students and teachers. How different is the start of her student life that she was so looking forward to. Fortunately, she has a good basis to fall back on. The warm bath of the Waldorf school where she has built friendships for life and learned a lot about respecting your fellow man and the importance of a sustainable environment. Valuable insights she now needs to understand and respect the Covid measures.

The closet with tangible memories has now been tidied up and I'm sitting at my workstation thinking about what's in that closet that can be used in unruly reality. What can you do in this day and age to keep the focus on fun, on tomorrow, on a sunny future.

And it's simple, I just had it in my hands: I want to dance!

The Seven Jump

For every improvement (you may also read: mindshift in corona time) that you want to tackle, you have to think about who you want to involve. Invite people in your immediate environment to think along with you about the approach to that improvement.

And that's one!


Determine how involved you feel with the point for improvement or renewal. This is an important step to achieve your intrinsic motivation for improvement.

And that's two!


Think about factors that will influence the step towards DOEN, the so-called promoting (opportunities) and hindering (obstacles) factors. Think of actions how you can use the opportunities as a motivator and think of actions to reduce or prevent obstacles. And if obstacles are inescapable, you may decide to pick up the point for improvement later or even not.

And that's three!


Formulate your goal SMART, it helps to commit to achieve the goal. So it's all about ownership and taking responsibility.

And that's four!


Get going, DOEN!

And that's five!


Lovely to be busy and with a clear goal in mind. Keep a close eye on the actions you have planned and the planning. Choose a moment for reflection, for example after 6 weeks to evaluate. This is necessary for a sustainable implementation of your improvement. Do not hesitate to adjust your plan with new actions. There may be other obstacles on your path and there are always new opportunities to be seen.

And that six!


The circle of quality of your improvement is complete. Invite the same people who think along with you about the improvement and analyse together what you have achieved. For them the difference is more visible than for you. Your image is influenced by going through the steps. You have learned what it takes to be able to dance. They see that you can dance again! That makes you and those around you happy!

And that's seven!


Dancing is great. May I show you the way to your unforgettable dance?

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