Skills for getting the B2B sales team of the future right

Gert-jan de Rooij 29-04-2021

B2B sales teams that invest heavily in content, software and the right skills are well on their way to becoming future-proof sales organizations. Especially when there is also good collaboration with marketing and the team is sufficiently agile and flexible.

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That picture emerges from our benchmark research 'Sales of the Future'. At least from a small group that is leading in the new world of sales.

Curious what they do differently? Read all the details in my latest blog.

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Download the benchmark report 'Sales of the Future

With the national benchmark Sales of the Future we investigated how leading companies can remain successful in the rapidly changing world of B2B sales. What new competencies must the sales team possess? And what approach and tools are needed to optimally support sales?

Main conclusions from the report:

  • Who wants to be ready for the future as a sales organization must invest in content, digital skills and smart tooling.
  • Leaders in modern sales are able to build a warm relationship with prospects in all phases of the buyer journey, including the awareness and orientation phase.