Know where you are

When employees want to change within the organization, it is unthinkable to realize this without a direct awareness session. In particular, awareness is needed to see the need for change. This creates support and understanding within the organization, which will enable higher goals to be achieved. Whether it is about tactical or strategic sessions or operational objectives, the awareness session ‘Know where you are’ makes a significant contribution.

  • Where am I?
  • Common ambition
  • Working on objectives
  • The circle of influence
  • Objectives versus KPIs
  • Quality
  • Pyramid of Commitment
  • Final conclusions / actions to be taken

During the one-day session, ‘Know where you are’ based on daily practice, through interaction and group dynamics, we look at how necessary change is with commitment being obtained from the whole group. The participants will be held a mirror up to their face and they will focus on the collective ambition. Direct action plans are the result. Whether it is strategy and objectives or the development of operational actions, various safeguard moments will be determined and introduced after the training. This will give you maximum return on the invested day.

Practical information

  • 1 intensive training day
  • In-company
  • Minimum  6, maximum 12 per group
  • This training is used as start-up training for both commercial and   management routes.

Additional training information

This training is part of the training: