Discussion and Meeting Techniques

Maintain attention and deal best with agitators, hobbyhorses and interruptions

Discussions and meetings are important parts of the decision-making process, but they do not always run as expected. The skills needed to run a meeting efficiently and to have a purposeful discussion are sharpened in the Discussion and Meeting Techniques training course. You learn how to maintain attention and how to deal best with agitators, hobbyhorses and interruptions.

  • Tasks and behaviour of the chairman and the participants.
  • Discussion rules.
  • Meeting technique.
  • Pitfalls, dealing with resistance.
  • Functions and roles during the meeting.
  • Task functions and decision process.
  • Functions for group relations.
  • Dysfunctional behavioural forms/functional behavioural forms.
  • Allowing groups to function optimally.
  • Meeting methods and aids.
Module structure

This course is offered as one entity.

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More information on this training?

Practical information
  • 1 day.
  • In-company.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • Intermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education.
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