Higher management

Good managers can empathize with others

Managing an organisation is a case of knowledge and feeling. Good managers can empathize with others. They can deal with people, they inspire, motivate and encourage; valuable skills, which are central in the Higher Management training course.


Management skills (among others MoRe-Coaching©) are further explored and supplemented with meeting skills and discussion techniques and management in figures. You will learn to shape formal and informal conversations and you will learn negotiation skills that can immediately be applied in daily practice. The Higher Management training course offers a complete training package for the manager at a higher executive level.

Module structure

Module I

  • Group communication
  • Management versus coaching
  • Styles of management
  • Personal management style
  • Motivation employees and motivation processes
  • Disciplinary talks

Module II

  • Sharpening and deepening
  • Job assessment interviews
  • Assessment system
  • Assessment Interviews
  • Coaching-style management by means of MoRe-Coaching© method

Module III

  • Sharpening and deepening
  • Personality analysis
  • Coaching-style management by means of MoRe-Coaching© method
  • Effects of absenteeism and conducting absenteeism interviews

Module IV

  • Sharpening and deepening
  • Internal communication
  • Meeting skills and discussion techniques
  • Management in figures
  • Field and Personal Coaching

Module V

  • Sharpening and deepening
  • Application interviews
  • Salary talks
  • Career talks
  • Retaining employees
  • Heavy problem talks (“Last warning”)
  • Resignation talks
  • Exit interview

Module VI

  • Sharpening and deepening
  • Negotiating for managers
  • Conclusion
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More information on this training?

Practical information
  • The Higher Management programme consists of 6 modules of two consecutive days each. The interval between each module is two to three months.
  • In-company / Open training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • The level of the participants is Intermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education or higher. The practice-based programme makes this training extremely valuable for managers who have taken management training courses at other organisations.
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