Interviewing Applicants

Look beyond the “natural” mask of a candidate

More and more applicants prepare themselves well for an interview and are taught to present themselves in the best possible light. In order to select the best candidate, you learn in the one-day Interviewing Applicants training course to look beyond the “natural” mask of a candidate. You are taught the conversation techniques required to establish who really is sitting opposite you and are therefore better able to give reasons for your decisions.


During this training course, the emphasis is on:

  • Establishing the motivational and personal characteristics of the potential candidates by means of professional interviewing and analysing techniques.
  • Evaluating the candidates with the people involved in the organisation in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Using tools such as job profiles and assessment forms.
  • Developing practical conversational skills.
Module structure

This course is offered as one entity.

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More information on this training?

Practical information
  • 1 day.
  • In-company.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • Intermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education or higher.
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