Refresher Training Course Management

have you become “unconsciously – competent”?

This course has been especially developed for anyone who has been previously trained by Kenneth Smit on management skills. 

New skills have been acquired by participating in previous Kenneth Smit. During this “refresher training course”, you are thoroughly checked on the basis of the, by now, new practices that you have acquired. 


The objective of this course is to test yourself! To what extent have you become “unconsciously – competent” in the meantime? Do you get enough result from the previously investment? Your skills will be sharpened! The training is fully aimed at training practice situations and ensures you will get the optimum again from every situation.

  • Specific attention is paid during all role plays how you come across with your conversation partner. The trainer will challenge you to use the already familiar techniques in a fully natural way so that conversations take place both purposeful and pleasant.
  • Besides “recalling” the previously discussed main subjects, the content is also determined on the basis of the practice situations previously delivered by you. This implies that the training will be very practice-based in which you can practice with personal and current matters.
Module structure

This course is offered as one entity.

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More information on this training?

Practical information
  • 2 x 1 day.
  • In-company / Open training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • The level of the participants is Intermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education or higher. The course is only open to previous participants of our management training courses!
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