Strategic partnership provides full coverage in Europe

Develor International: a strategic partnership

Kenneth Smit and Develor International have entered into a strategic partnership. With over 90 training programmes and some 250 professionals in more than 30 countries, this alliance is the largest organization for commercial and management training in Europe. That is good news for ground-breaking sales professionals! Because if you want to stay ahead of the growing competition abroad, you need world-class salesmen who know everything about local markets and customs.

With Develor, our international partner, we are working on several large-scale multi-country programmes within the European markets. In addition to the language advantage, we also offer the same programmes in combination with the cultural changes that suit the markets.

Training. Coaching. Consulting.

Develor is an international company that focuses on sustainable behavioural change and the improvement of business results.


- Full coverage in Europe -


”We design and deliver training programs that are engaging, relevant and practical. We motivate program participants to apply what they learned on the job, and we stimulate their implementation progress.”


“We provide personal assistance and guidance in the process of personal behavioral change that accompanies all true learning and development projects.”


“ We help to define the outcomes that business stakeholders expect to be delivered though the learning and development initiatives and we design them accordingly. We help to align connected processes and systems so that desired change is supported and reinforced.”

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