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Records for improvement

We want you to be satisfied with Kenneth Smit.

A complaint is an instrument for us to examine in which areas we can improve our services. That is why we also speak of a registration for improvement (RTV).

Do you have an RTV on Kenneth Smit's services?

The RTV may be submitted in writing to the Kenneth Smit executive team, via the website, at or by post at the address: Welschapsedijk 20A, 5652 XM in Eindhoven.

The RTV includes at least: the name and address of the petitioner, the date of submission, a description of the complaint and the grounds for the complaint.

What does the registration for improvement look like?

  • We will send you a confirmation of receipt within three working days of receiving the RTV.
  • Depending on the nature of the RTV, the responsibility for the handling lies with the person under whose jurisdiction the RTV concerned falls. Final responsibility for handling is and remains at all times the management team of Kenneth Smit.
  • Kenneth Smit strives to provide you with a substantive response within 15 working days. If this deadline is not met, you will be notified in writing.
  • Your RTV will be assessed as objectively as possible.
  • RTVs are treated confidentially and carefully at all times.
  • Every RTV is registered and kept for at least 2 years.

Where appropriate, an appeal can be made to an independent third party, Mr M.A.J.G. Janssen of Banning Advocaten. This ruling will be binding.

RTV online submission

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