Account Management

The success of Account Management is mainly determined by the account manager’s skills. After all, the goal is to realize continuity through cooperation with strategically / tactically important customers. A professional account manager wants and can actually make the difference for his customer and his own company.

The Account Management training offers insight into the why, when and how of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. It is about really knowing the customer, his business and business processes and then personal attention is crucial. The drawing up of a winning account plan starts with the first contact with decision makers, influencers and / or end users. Your new approach opens the way to maximum business performance for the account and the company.

This training is intended for field staff with ambitions to grow to a higher level function in account management.


li_ster Handling accounts strategically and result-oriented
li_ster Determining account selection criteria
li_ster Carrying out the self-created account strategy successfully
li_ster Transactional vs. Transformational / strategic sales
li_ster Insight into purchasing processes and purchasing behaviour
li_ster Learning to identify buying behaviour of the DMU (members of the ‘buying centre’)
li_ster Developing and drawing up a winning account plan
li_ster  Ensuring a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship
li_ster  Selling on a strategic level


The daily practice, interaction and group dynamics, that’s what it’s all about during Kenneth Smit training sessions. Using role plays, workshops and practical assignments, the participants themselves experience that a different form of customer approach leads to better results.
We hold a mirror up to their faces and practice intensively. Participants also learn a lot from members of their group. The result of this method of working is that each participant with many new ideas and a different approach can set to work immediately after the training and… demonstrably be more successful!

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More information on this training?

Practical Information
  • The training consists of five intensive days (two modules of two consecutive days and a practice day)
  • In-company / Open training
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • Participants are expected to fulfil a function as mentioned above and have successfully completed part (minimum Expert in Sales I & II) of the commercial training programme.