Expert in Sales Follow-up II: Reverse Selling

Am I talking to a manipulator or to a decider?

Am I talking to a manipulator or to a decider? That question will have to be answered first before you can participate fully in the two-day follow-up sales training course Reverse Selling. You learn what arguments you can use to do business when you are at the table with a decider. Do you have to deal with a manipulator? You learn to make maximum use of his or her influence on the person who takes the decision.

  • Evaluation of the practical experiences after the Selling the Price training course.
  • Repeating and deepening of previously discussed techniques by means of role plays and workshops.
  • Personal development plan on the basis of a strength/weakness analysis.
  • The correct approach with deciders and manipulators in Decision Making Units in bigger organisations.
  • Preventing delay in the decision-making.
  • Building a lasting relationship.
  • Making fewer offers versus more order confirmations.
Module structure

This follow-up course is offered as one entity. The lead time of an average of 8 to 10 weeks between the first two training courses Expert in Sales Basics, Selling the Price and this session makes the course very suitable for feedback of interim practical experiences. As a result, the efficiency of the training course will increase considerably.


The combination of role plays, practice cases and theory ensures immediate use in practice.

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More information on this training?

Please note all open trainings are in Dutch unless indicated otherwise.

Practical information
  • 2 consecutive days.
  • In-company / Open Training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • MIntermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education and higher. This course requires previous participation to a previously-held Expert in Sales Basics, and Selling the Price training courses.
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