Sales Department 

Good selling does not go without a well-oiled office staff where the language of the field organization staff is spoken. In the three-day Sales Department training course you learn how you can contribute to a higher efficiency. You learn how you can stimulate sales by giving a good follow-up to offers, complaints and agreements made. The result? Satisfied customers who like to come back with follow-up orders!


In this training you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What motivates the customer with whom I am having the (telephone) conversation?
  • How do I win trust of the customer?
  • How do you I keep initiative during the conversation?
  • How do I ensure balance of the discussion?
  • How do I present my company, products and services?
  • How do I have to react to objections, reproaches and contentions? (by telephone).
  • How do I deal with complaints? And what can I do with it?
  • How can I better respond to buying signals?
  • How do I get more return from my daily customer contact?
  • How can I have a customer say “yes”, without giving a discount?
  • How can I follow-up offers more effectively?
Module structure

This training is offered as one entity.


Our trainers help you with more information and to make the right choice.

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Our trainers help you with more information and to make the right choice.

Practical Information
  • 3 days (2 continuous days + 1 come back day).
  • In-company/Open training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • Intermediate Vocational Education / Higher Vocational Education.
Related training

This training can also be part as a module of a commercial training course, in which this module will be planned in preparation of a field staff career.

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