Selling at Trade Fairs

What opening tactic you deploy?

Trade fairs are the designated places for a meeting with prospects and other contacts. The one-day training Behaviour and Sales at Trade Fairs teaches you how to more than recover the high costs on a trade fair participation.

The combination of role plays, practice cases and theory ensure results that can immediately be applied in practice.


The following items are discussed during the course:

  • Objectives
    • How to formulate the objectives for trade fair participation?
    • Do expectations match those of the visitors?
  • Development of a good demonstration
    • How to ensure an attractive stand.
  • Visitors
    • With whom do you want to be in conversation and whom not?
  • Approach technique
    • What opening tactic you deploy for different types of visitors?
  • Conversational skills
    • How do you develop a (short) selling conversation?
    • How can you argue on the basis of product advantages?
    • What role does the use of language and voice and non-verbal behaviour play?
  • Closing technique
    • How do you recognize purchasing signals?
    • How do you steer towards a direct order or work towards a follow-up appointment?
Module structure

This course is offered as one entity.

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More information on this training?

Please note all open trainings are in Dutch unless indicated otherwise.

Practical information
  • 1 day.
  • In-company / Open training.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • Intermediate Vocational Education/Higher Vocational Education.
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This course can also be part as a module of a commercial training course, in which this module will be planned in preparation of a soon to be held fair trade.

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