The foundation for success!

Employees are full of unknown talent. Are you ready to convert these talents to more profit for your company? Give your team the right tools to get the most out of themselves. Kenneth Smit likes to assist you during this process. We offer a fully customized development process to take your organization to a higher level.

Training Methods

What type of training suits you?


There are various types of training: Open Training, In-Company or Boost Your Sales. Together with you, we will see what type of training suits you best.


Who holds a mirror up to your face?

Whether it is about coaching yourself, coaching on the job or team coaching. The Kenneth Smit methodologies promote the release of potential qualities to perform in the best possible way. This applies to managers, individual employees and the team. They are the most important asset of your organization.

Business Improvement

Boosting success!

Are your employees, your strategies, current corporate culture and processes in balance? After all, the market in which you operate, changes rapidly. Along with the Kenneth Smit specialist it is determined how your organization stands now, where you want to go to and we look at all the factors related to it to achieve the goal.

Personality Profile

Working on personal development

In a fun and inspiring way, the participants acquire a language and framework, which give them more insight into themselves and others. The learned can be put into practice immediately.

NeKST Level Assessment

Maximum return from sales talent

Your sales people are the core of your success. Logically you want to maintain the best in them. But what is the top of someone’s ability? And how do you achieve that? NeKST Level Assessment© from Kenneth Smit will help you discover sales talent, develop purposively and transform into sound results.