Management Assessment©

Insight into your own development trajectory

The Management Assessment is used to examine in a quick way the potential in the field of management and leadership.

In partnership with consultancy firm CEB/SHL™, a global leader in measuring talent, Kenneth Smit has developed a highly reliable and advanced set of instruments to assess the skills and aptitude of candidates in the field of management.

This combination yields measurable results and a sustainable competitive advantage.


The Management Assessment© includes a method of visualizing individual competence and what motivates the manager to perform optimally. It is also charts how the manager functions within the team. This provides a picture of the personal leadership style of the manager.

The Management Rapport of Kenneth Smit is achieved through the CEB/SHL™, UCF Development Action Planner™ and MQ™ tests. This is a respected and well-known assessment that is used in over 150 countries and is offered in over 30 languages. The successful deployment of the Management Assessment is connected with the mapping of environmental variables through the use of a role play and various personality tests that are taken.

The layout of the activity programs must, after all, connect to the developments in the market, the organization culture, the leadership type and the human resource policy.

Kenneth Smit provides a thorough analysis before advice is offered about a plan of attack on the follow-up activities. The following items are discussed:

  • Establishing the core values and ambitions of the organization.
  • Drawing up the time line, in mutual consultation, for the
  • Informing the organization, creating support.
  • The joint determination of the management profile.
  • Implementing process agreements based on the outcome of the Management Assessment©.
  • Advice on interventions at individual, team and organization level.

Your Kenneth Smit trainer will gladly tell you more about the benefits of the Management Assessment©, linking to this support, and development activities and/or customized training programs.


Advantages for the management/board of directors:

  • More satisfied managers.
  • Higher efficiency.
  • More effective utilization of management positions.
  • Strategic decisions on the basis of concrete data.
  • The correct team composition.
  • Visible and measurable development.
  • Direct improvement of the performance of the employees.
  • Clear, objective communication and assessment.

Advantages for the manager:

  • Insight into his/her own development path.
  • Self-guiding motivation for development.
  • Optimum career planning.


Management in general.

Our specialists are pleased to help you make the right decision!

 Determining the desired situation

The Assessment© management is custom-made. A thorough analysis of your organization, objectives and people are the starting point for the design of the assessment.

 Measuring behaviour and potential

Through a sophisticated selection of tools, we assess competence and actual behaviour. Think of role playing, analysis and presentation exercises, a competency-aimed interview and situational questionnaires. To measure the potential we use personality and motivation questionnaires.

 Reporting and advice

You can count on a clear and readable report that easily can be translated into actions and results. A practical guide for improving and optimizing the talent in your organization.