NeKST Level Assessment©

Maximum performance from sales talent

Your sales people are the core of your success. Logically you want to maintain the best in them. But what is the top of someone’s ability? And how do you achieve that? NeKST Level Assessment© from Kenneth Smit will help you discover sales talent, develop purposively and transform into sound results.

On the basis of the NeKST Level Assessment©, a partnership between Kenneth Smit and SHLTM, a global market leader in measuring talent, has been established. The assessment is based on the SHL People Intelligence model, that has a proven positive effect on trading results. Kenneth Smit combines this with the Active Role play Tool model (ART model) developed in-house. This exposes the behaviour of sales staff on the basis of a well thought out role play and directly places that behaviour in a broader context. As a result, an illuminating insight into the qualities and role in relation to other sales staff is gained.

The SHL People Intelligence model consists of three elements:
  • Potential; what does it take to get the maximum from your employees? And what are the results of those efforts?
  • Capabilities; what behaviour and what knowledge and skills lead to top performance?
  • Results; what is excellent performance and who achieves this?
Legenda NeKST Level Assessment stappen naar professionele groei
NeKST Level Assessment

NeKST Level Assessment© helps management, board and hrm with:

  • Increasing the performance of available talent. What is the potential of your team and how can you maximize it? The insights from the assessment form the start for further growth.
  • Attracting talent. You immediately see what a candidate is capable of and can quickly select the best person.

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More information on this training?


The 3 steps to success

 Determining the desired situation

NeKST Level Assessment© is custom-made work. A thorough analysis of your sales organisation, your goals and your people are the basis for the design of the assessment.

 Measuring behaviour and potential

Through a sophisticated selection of tools, we assess abilities and current behaviour. Consider role-playing, analysis and presentation exercises, a capability interview and situational questionnaires. For the measurement of the potential, we use, among other things, personality and motivation questionnaires.

 Reporting and advice

You can count on a clear and easy to read report that can easily be translated into actions and results. A practical guide for increasing and optimally using the talent in your organization.