• 3 days, 2 consecutive days and 1 return day
  • Incompany.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • MBO/HBO level.
    On request and with sufficient participation (minimum of 4 participants), this training can also be provided in open format.
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Communication Skills for Technical Staff

Make your technical knowledge understandable and boost customer satisfaction


Make your technical knowledge understandable to others and boost customer satisfaction

Communication is not only important for commercial positions. Technical professionals who can explain technology well are of great value to their organizations. In service roles that involve customer contact or intensive contact with colleagues, good communication can really make a difference. Do you work as a technical employee in a service-oriented organisation? During this training you learn to communicate smartly and effectively with customers and colleagues. The combination of role-plays, practical cases and theory provides plenty of immediately applicable tools and information, which you will be able to put to use immediately after the training! What is the result? You have more confidence in your communication, customers and colleagues are happy with you and you make an optimal contribution to the organization's results.

The training for technical professionals who want to use communication to be more successful and boost customer satisfaction.


Desired result

As a technical professional, you want:

  • Communicate more confidently, clearly and effectively with clients and
  • Better understand what your customer or colleague needs!
  • Develop conversation techniques to make difficult subjects understandable!
  • A method for structuring and directing conversations!
  • Tools to tackle objections and doubts!
  • Doing your job effectively and efficiently!

This practical training, based on decades of communication expertise and proven insights into (behavioural) psychology, helps you to communicate more effectively and achieve your goals.



During the three-day Communicative Skills training, the following topics are covered:

  • Building on trust
    How do you win the trust of (new) customers and colleagues?
  • Presentation skills
    How do you present yourself, your company and your product or service in a professional way?
  • Conversation techniques
    What moves the person you are talking to (on the phone)? Which questions should you ask to find out what your client or colleague really needs?
  • Commercial skills
    How do you use customer contact to maximise sales opportunities?
  • Dealing with resistance
    How do you respond to objections, reproaches and other negative feedback from angry or dissatisfied customers?
  • Closing techniques
    How do you end a conversation positively, so that your client has a positive feeling about it?



The training consists of 2 consecutive training days and a return day.


This training has room for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants.


Upon successful completion of the training, the participant will receive proof of participation in the form of a certificate.


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