• 12 days (6×2 days).
  • Incompany / open training*.
  • Maximum 8, minimum 4 participants.
  • MBO/HBO level and up. This training does not require previous participation in training courses.
  • After successfully completing the open training variant, the trainee is awarded a certificate.

On request and with sufficient participation (minimum of 4 participants), this training can also be provided in open format. 

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€ 870,00 p.p.p.d.

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Expert in Sales

The best commercial techniques in one training program!


Become more decisive, efficient and effective in your sales process

The best commercial techniques together in one training programme! Indispensable for anyone who wants to develop into a top salesperson.
The twelve-day Expert in Sales Total Training Programme consists of six modules that together offer the most complete commercial training programme in the Netherlands.
This is a valuable training programme for sales professionals and is highly valued by both clients and participants.


Desired result

As a seller, you want:

  • Sell more confidently and with more conviction!
  • Better understand the needs of your customer!
  • Learning to deal with price pressure!
  • Get a higher return from your conversations!
  • More insight into the different drivers, needs and buying signals of different roles and functions (the DMU) in an organization!
  • Using the right approach to influence decision makers and influencers!
  • Convert the USP of your product or service into orders using the ROI method!
  • Recognising and understanding non-verbal communication signals from your conversation partner and yourself!
  • More return and high customer satisfaction!



The following topics, among others, will be covered during the training:

Session I: Expert in Sales (2x 2-days)

  • Communication
    What do you say, how do you say it and what do you radiate with the right attitude and choice of words?
  • Professional conversation start
    How does the start of a conversation help you reach your end goal?
  • Creating trust
    How do you show genuine interest in your conversation partner?
  • Interview techniques
    How do you stay on track towards your final goal and get all the information you need?
  • Needs and problems analysis
    Which questions should you ask (and in which order) to discover what your customer really needs from your product or service, from your organization and from you?
  • Objections, reproaches and allegations
    What techniques do you use to parry negative feedback in a reasoned, positive way?
  • Argumentation
    What persuasion technique do you use to get agreement from your interlocutor?
  • Closing Techniques
    How do you close the deal or get the order without giving away a discount?


Session II: Selling Price (2-day)

  • Deepening of sales techniques
    How can you become even more skilled and get extra return from the techniques you have learned?
  • The psychology of a sales conversation
    How do you stay ahead of professional buyers and maintain a good atmosphere during a conversation?
  • Price Negotiation
    How do you avoid giving away unnecessary (too high) discounts and offer resistance to a customer who finds your service or product too expensive?


Session III: Selling in reverse (2-day session)

  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis
    How can you - based on your own strengths - further develop your personal sales skills?
  • Argumentation
    How do you influence the buying behaviour of influencers and decision makers?
  • The psychology of a sales pitch
    How do you find out if you're sitting around the table with an influencer or a decision-maker? And how do you respond to this?
  • Increase efficiency
    How can you get more order confirmations from fewer quotations?


Session IV: Return on Investment (2-day session)

  • Making goals clear
    How do you make an effective and realistic action plan together with your client?
  • Use USP's to your advantage
    What are the Unique Selling Points of your product or service, in the eyes of the customer, and how do you use them to your advantage?
  • Conversation techniques
    How do you apply the closing technique of pencil selling and make price calculations on several levels and for different purchasing groups?
  • The ROI method
    How do you sell your product or service at the price you envision?
  • Top-notch closing techniques
    How do you end a conversation on a positive note, leaving your client with a good feeling?


Session V: Non-verbal communication / Switching intervention levels (2-days)

  • Recognising non-verbal signals
    How do you recognise non-verbal signals in your conversation partner?
  • Checking nonverbal signals
    What is the influence of the non-verbal signals you send yourself?
  • Self-knowledge
    How do you make optimal use of your own intuition and emotions in the contact with your interlocutor?
  • Emotions
    How do you keep control of emotionally charged conversations?
  • Balance
    How do you get or keep conversation balance when you have a powerful or highly placed person across from you?
  • Communication levels
    How do you address multiple levels of communication in a conversation?


Time period

This training consists of 12 training days divided over 5 sessions. The first session consists of 2x 2 days, the other sessions of 2 days. The interval between training sessions is approximately 6-8 weeks.



This training has room for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants.



Upon successful completion of the training, the participant will receive proof of participation in the form of a certificate.



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