• Insight into own development path.
  • Self-directed motivation for development.
  • Optimal career planning.
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Management Assessment

Investigate the potential of your manager with our proven method


Investigate the potential of your manager with our proven method

A management assessment is a practical and effective instrument to provide insight into the competencies and growth potential of a (future) manager or executive. The outcome of an assessment is also a perfect starting point for the (re)building of a successful management team or for outlining a growth plan for talents with managerial capabilities. Kenneth Smit, together with consultancy firm SHL™ - a global leader in the field of talent measurement - has developed reliable and advanced instruments to assess the competencies and suitability of candidates in the field.

The management assessment quickly provides insight into which training courses can contribute to the desired competency development of a (future) manager.


Desired result

You will:

  • More satisfied and successful managers!
  • A higher efficiency!
  • A more effective occupation of management positions!
  • Making strategic decisions based on tangible data!
  • Visible and measurable development!
  • A clear, objective communication and assessment!

Your managers want:

  • Insight into their own development path!
  • A self-directed motivation for development!
  • Optimal career planning!

The management assessment is created using the SHL™, UCF Development Action Planner™ and MQ™ tests. It is a well-respected and well-known assessment that is used in over 150 countries and offered in more than 30 languages.



The following aspects are covered during the management assessment:

  • Establishing the organisation's core values and ambitions
  • Drawing up the timetable for implementation in consultation with the client
  • Informing the organization, creating support
  • Joint definition of the management profile
  • Implement process agreements based on the outcome of the management assessment
  • Advice on interventions at individual, team and organisational level


Time period

In consultation with the assessor.


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